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Everyone deserves a second chance

Avoid jail time, defend your rights and maintain a clean record. We specialise in defending first-time offenders, DUI and drug possession arrestees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is diversion and how do I qualify?
  2. Why should I use a criminal defence lawyer?
  3. Can your lawyer bail you out of jail?
  4. How is bail calculated in SA and how much does bail usually cost?
  5. What does a criminal lawyer do? What are the types of criminal lawyers?
  6. How much will a lawyer charge to handle my case, and how can I reduce my legal fees and expenses?
  7. What if I can’t afford a criminal defence lawyer?
  8. What should I do if I am arrested?
  9. What are my rights if I am arrested?
  10. If I am arrested, when will I be brought to Court?
  11. If the police don’t read me my rights, can my case be dismissed?
  12. Do the police need a warrant to arrest me?
  13. Are the police allowed to use force to enter my home if they have a search warrant?
  14. Can the police search my home, car or person without a warrant?
  15. If the police have a search warrant for my house, can they search anywhere else, for example in my car?
  16. How can I find out if my family member or friend has been arrested?
  17. Will a lawyer be able to get them released on bail after hours, weekends, or public holidays?
  18. What are my legal rights when I am stopped at a roadblock? Can I be forced to undergo a breathalyser test or have my blood drawn?
  19. Can I be arrested at a roadblock for outstanding traffic fines?
  20. What is the difference between robbery, burglary, and theft?
  21. Can I appeal against a conviction for a crime and if so, how?
  22. I have a criminal record. Can I have it expunged?
  23. What is an admission of guilt fine? Is it the same as bail?